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I'm doing some writing "stretches" to keep myself active in my writing while I take a break from my trilogy to work on the plot and fill in some of the holes (with bodies...)

I'll be getting my prompts from 1. the web (http://www.pinterest.com/rossomak/writingdrawing/) 2. from a nifty book I picked up (642 Things To Write About) 3. situations coming from the people around me in which I'm trying to empathize with (which will be marked as an "anonymous prompt") 4. and of course from any fellow writers who will be tagging along! So if you have any ideas, (or maybe a sea of them) well then, keep them coming! If I find an intriguing or challenging prompt, you might see some creative writing based on it. ; )

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

You have written a book and are pretending to be a member of the opposite sex- what pen name do you choose?

The first name I think would be “Jay”. It sounds soft and I’m a big sucker for names that start with “J”. I also like the mental image I get when I say it; I've always wanted wings and to be able to fly.

The last name is harder to choose. To me, most last names don’t really flow; they sound rough. Not to mention most last names I know belong to people I know personally, and taking someone’s last name feels weird, like I’m saying I want to be part of them, like I’m saying “You guys are family!” In reality, I don’t feel like that with most of my real family, and I hate signs of sentiment when they are illegitimate. This means I need to use a name that doesn't belong to anyone I know. That takes away most of the last names I know.

I like “Hartnett.” It sounds like “heart”, and “net”. A “heart net?”  I’m not typically the type of person who likes that kind of mushy stuff, but it makes the name sound more personal- and if you feel somehow connected to the author you’re more likely to be interested in reading the book. People don’t give books a lot of time when they’re looking through shelves for something to read- you only get a brief chance to catch someone’s attention and interest. I’m not a business person, I don’t think of it as a sales tactic- I think of it as wanting to share the stories and adventures I've experienced with others and see what they take away from it.

For “Hartnett” though, I think I’d maybe just use it for a female pen name- if I haven’t used that name for a character yet anyways.

For a man, I think maybe I’d use “Kendrick.” When I was a child I had a friend with the last name “Kendrick,” but I don’t know him anymore so I wouldn't feel weird using that name.

In reality, I don't really know any other last names apart from over-used ones I constantly read in novels.

Honestly, I think I’d just stick with one name, regardless of gender:


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