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Writing Prompts:

I'm doing some writing "stretches" to keep myself active in my writing while I take a break from my trilogy to work on the plot and fill in some of the holes (with bodies...)

I'll be getting my prompts from 1. the web (http://www.pinterest.com/rossomak/writingdrawing/) 2. from a nifty book I picked up (642 Things To Write About) 3. situations coming from the people around me in which I'm trying to empathize with (which will be marked as an "anonymous prompt") 4. and of course from any fellow writers who will be tagging along! So if you have any ideas, (or maybe a sea of them) well then, keep them coming! If I find an intriguing or challenging prompt, you might see some creative writing based on it. ; )

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Write about the first thing you would do if you were invisible.

1)    Make sure I'm really invisible.
2)    Kick (redacted 1) in the sensitive-man-area.
3)    Snoop through (redacted 2)’s things.
4)    (Redacted).

I’m paranoid. I’ll just go ahead and make that clear. I’m cautious and hesitant, and if I were going to proceed in doing things invisible people can do, I’d want to make sure I was really invisible and not just off my rocker.

Then, since no one can see me doing it, I'd blow off a lot of steam. I don't know why, but I feel like if I let out any emotion in an attempt to relieve myself, I'd break the fragile threads that are holding my world together.

I’d go someplace and smash a lot of things. I would scream, I would punch, and I would “haunt” people who piss me off. I would cry, drive fast, and run around all night with a can of spray paint. I would be dangerous, and damn risky.

The thing I would most likely be keen on doing though, is people watching. I know it sounds creepy, but I'm completely mind-boggled and stumped, and I have a lot of questions that I need answered. So yes, I would break into people’s houses, make sure a certain person isn't dead, and look for evidence that another particular person isn't completely soulless.

And then I would (redacted).

I'd probably also hide from the chore givers and play myself some invisible video games. : P

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